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How to meet the safety, performance, and environmental health requirements, and how to obtain the CE marking for your product?

How to reconcile the information when some of it is contradictory?

Should this process be so complex and expensive?

Which are the entities involved?

If these are some of your questions, please check the following resources that we have at your disposal.

Ensure the conformity of the products that you place on the European Market

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We have an independent, rigorous and comprehensive approach on your product’s compliance with EU standards and regulations.

We are at your side to ensure compliance of your product (s) at any time and provide you with the resources for that, if you wish, you can manage this process with confidence.

We are at your side to ensure your product(s)’ compliance at all times, and provide you with the resources so that, if you wish, you can manage the process with confidence

If this is your first contact with CE Marking, we help framing your product to determine if the CE marking is applicable, and if so, which are the applicable standards and directives. When not applicable, the report presents a justification for the non-applicability and framing of the product under the CE marking.
We support your CE marking process, helping you to develop all the necessary documents, and advising in the implementation of the applicable requirements. After obtaining the CE marking, we can also supervise and monitor your process, so that you can focus on your core business entirely.
European representation If you are a non-EU manufacturer, ensure that you enter the European market, safeguarding all your responsibilities. To this end, we provide a representation service that validates that you are prepared to market your products on the European market and that keeps you up to date with your regulatory obligations.
We prepare courses so that you can gain a better understanding of the CE marking and its requirements. We provide initial framing courses and specialized courses that offer you the tools necessary to manage your products’ compliance in an autonomous manner.


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